Name 1Name 2OriginSize clAlcoholPrice
BeefeaterCrown JewelEngeland10050,0% 29,60
BeefeaterEngeland7040,0% 21,00
Blackwood'sVintage Dry GinShetland7060,0% 29,95
Bombay SapphireEngeland10040,0% 28,00
Gordon'sEngeland7037,5% 15,80
Gordon'sEngeland3537,5% 8,95
Hendrick'sSchotland7031,4% 35,00
Seagram'sExtra Dry GinUSA10040,0% 21,50
TanqueraySpecial dryEngeland10047,3% 29,80
ZuidamDry GinNederland7044,5% 19,90

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