Name 1Name 2YearClrPriceArea 1Area 2
Penfolds,Grange Hermitage, Bin 9591% Shiraz & 9% Cab. Sauv.1989R€ 295,00Barossa/McLaren Vale
Penfolds, Bin 138Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvθdre2004R€ 22,95Barossa Valley
7th ContinentCabernet Sauvignon2003R€ 11,50Coonawarra
Eileen HardyShiraz1993R€ 65,00South AustraliaMcLaren Vale/Padthaway/Clare Valley
Eileen HardyShiraz1994R€ 65,00South AustraliaMcLaren Vale/Padthaway/Clare Valley
Eileen HardyShiraz1996R€ 65,00South AustraliaMcLaren Vale - Padthaway
Eileen HardyShiraz1997R€ 65,00South AustraliaMcLaren Vale - Padthaway
RosemountTraditional1997R€ 45,00South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
Lloyd Reserve - CorioleShiraz1998R€ 48,50South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
Coriole, RedstoneShiraz, Cabernet, Grenache1999R€ 22,50South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
RosemountBalmoral, Syrah2000R€ 45,00South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
Mary KathleenCabernet Merlot2000R€ 28,80South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
Lloyd Reserve - CorioleShiraz2000R€ 48,50South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
Scarpantoni - SchoolblockShiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot 2001R€ 13,90South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
CorioleShiraz2002R€ 21,00South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
ScarpantoniBlock 3 Shiraz 2005R€ 18,50South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
CorioleShiraz2005R€ 16,90South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
Lloyd Reserve - CorioleShiraz2005R€ 39,50South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
The High Trellis, d'Arenberg Cabernet Sauvignon2006R€ 12,80South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
The Footbolt, d'ArenbergShiraz2006R€ 12,80South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
The Dead Arm, d'ArenbergShiraz2006R€ 33,90South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
The Laughing Magpie, d'ArenbergShiraz, Viognier2007R€ 16,95South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
The Olive Grove, d'ArenbergChardonnay2004W€ 13,95South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
The Money Spider, d'ArenbergRoussanne2007W€ 11,95South AustraliaMcLaren Vale
The Stump Jump, d'ArenbergRiesling, Sauvignon, Roussanne, Marsanne2007W€ 7,80South AustraliaMcLaren Vale - Adelaide Hills
The Last Ditch, d'ArenbergViognier2007W€ 12,00South AustraliaMcLaren Vale - Adelaide Hills
The Stump Jump, d'ArenbergGrenache, Shiraz, Mourvθdre2007R€ 7,80South Australia
Churchview Estate, Premium RangeShiraz2004R€ 13,50Western AustraliaMargaret River
Churchview Estate, Premium RangeUnwooded Chardonnay2005W€ 12,30Western AustraliaMargaret River

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